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The searches on new modes of conversion of renewable energies for the electricity production answer the anxieties as for the global warming and for the depletion of fossil resources.

1) Macroenergy:OrthoKiteBunch is the missing link among the systems of exploitation and conversion of the wind energy.Its characteristics allow OctoKiteBunch to generate one gigawatt with a wind from 12 to 15 m/s,and with a swept area = 2,5 km ²,for a very low occupation on the ground,less than 1 km ².

The implemented method allows to concretize the advantages of the systems with mobile elements such as kites, in particular the exploitation of the more powerful and regular winds of high height, besides a substantial lowering of the structure.

OKB can be realized according to any scales,from the sporting device with only one kite towards the huge installation.In the middle a  light and easily transportable system can provide much electricity in isolated sectors or in the scientific bases of the polar regions.

2) Microenergy,see http://flygenkite.com .FlygenKite is a simple AWECS (Airborne Wind Energy Conversion System) with manual control for quickly loading batteries for laptop or mobile phone.A flygen is an AWECS carrying wind turbine.Marketing it at low cost (model airplane cost) will allow to create a synergy to boost macroenergy which implementation will be longer because of needed automation system.


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